It’s that time of year again! School is out and for many part time traveling families that means the travel trailers, 5th wheels, and toy haulers are as well. Whether you’re still prepping your home away from home for the season or you travel year round, I have a website you are going to love!

Family Days Out

Family Days Out is a great resource for finding things close by to entertain yourselves and the little ones. I started using this tool in 2013 when we went to Iowa and have been in love ever since! Just enter your local city or zip code, select as few or as many age groups as you want, and you’re ready for an adventure! You can choose to narrow down the results by indoor/outdoor activities, theme parks, museums, zoos, tours, educational, and a wide variety of other search options. There’s even a way to only display free locations!

Family Days Out

Confession: I used Family Days Out even while we were settled still! Some days you just need to get out and about with the kids but you can’t think of anything to do. Wanting to cool off but tired of going to the same pool? Just pull up water parks near you and plan a fun filled day trip! I can’t guarantee this site will have everything but when you’re new to an area it’s a great start!

So, travel families, share your story with us! Where are you from and where are you headed? Are there any *must see* locations you’d recommend?

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