April brought about our very first butterfly unit study and we now have an annual tradition! We found ourselves in Monahans, TX which is basically just desert, campgrounds, oil pumps, and watering holes. If you are lucky then you get a spot where the electricity works 24/7 and if not, well, then you hope the water and electric work at the same times as each other. Legit. We did met a tramping oil family who we really liked so it wasn’t all a bore. I am always grateful for the friendships that we see blossoming along the way! It also gave me lots of time for lesson planning and we nailed out our curriculum choices.

By the end of April, we were already back at Lake Striker, had met a few more wives, and had set up some play date goals. Unfortunately, I was struck with a serious bout of depression and it took me down hard. We did have some fun days fishing, swimming, and playing but we spent most of our time at home. On the outside looking in, nothing seemed wrong, but if I’m going to be honest with you guys then it needs to be 100 percent: May was *hard* for me. I have my days and I am pushing through but the dark clouds that have been there this last year or two are still hovering. I will share more about this later as well as what has been helping me because I think it’s important. To the wives out there living this lifestyle, you aren’t alone. It happens. Even to those of us that see the positive in life and that seem so happy…it happens.

Well, that got depressing pretty quickly. Who needs some more upbeat writings? I sure could use it! Let’s see…we’re at May… Oh! I bought a company. Yup. Spur of the moment, partnered with my best friend (I know, you aren’t suppose to do that..whoops), and we bought out an online baby store in cash. Agh! We are both so excited!

(Update: Over a year later, I decided to step out of the business to focus on other areas that I was more passionate about. She is still completely in love with her store and I would love for you all to check it out!)

More May fun was our mini trip to Arkansas affectionately known as “home base” even though we do not actually have a home there anymore. We had an amazing day with my parents, my sister-in-law’s family who we hadn’t seen in over 2 (3?) years (so excited they’re back in the lower 48!), and topped it off with a dinner with all of our family to celebrate Madelyn’s 1st birthday as well as Aryanna’s 5th birthday. *Excuse me while I cry.* We were so thankful to those who took the time to come out and see us at the very last minute. If you didn’t give us crap about having no notice then we loved you even more!

With this lifestyle a lot of our trips are unplanned. At this very moment I am waiting for my phone to go off saying my husband has 1-2 weeks off. It could happen today or I may still be waiting come July 3rd. It could be the original 1-2 weeks we’ve been promised or it could be 48 hours. We truly never know what may come our way or where we may be headed. It gets to be a challenge but it is also one of the most beautiful aspects of our lives.

Yes, somewhere desolate may be our next campsite but it could also be somewhere wondrous. The good may come with some bad but it all comes with my husband and isn’t that the important part? Home isn’t inside the walls where we wait. Home is in the memories and as always, wherever we are together. Keep watching as we laugh and learn through our days. Just watch how far we grow. <3

(see part 1 here)


  1. Emily you may not know this but so many of us wives look up to you!! The life you provide for your children is indescribable and the love you have for the life we live is awesome not many of us could just pack up and go and I admire you for that!!

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