Baby Madelyn 33 Weeks

Just shy of two weeks ago, I had a 31 week checkup on our precious Madelyn Brielle. Our doctor decided that even though the 20 week ultrasound showed no heart abnormalities we should go ahead and look again. I can still hear her saying, “just to be on the safe side”. So, she sent an expedited referral to a specialist and they scheduled an appointment. Then her nurse called, said 3 weeks away was not soon enough, and sent an expedited referral to a separate specialist who could get us in sooner. This was when I got nervous. So we waited…and we waited…and the days drug by. Call it luck, possibly intuition, or maybe God sending a message, but whatever it was that made the doctor so concerned, deep down we just knew.

Expecting the fetal echocardiogram to last up to two hours, I planned to have my bonus dad watch the girls while my mom held my hand. You see, she’s been here. She’s done this. I was born with Mitral Valve Regurgitation (or Prolapse) that eventually healed on its own but did leave me with a heart arrhythmia. In short my mitral valve allowed for blood to go back into my heart between pumps/beats, it eventually closed, and now my heartbeat is irregular.

Baby Madelyn 33 Weeks UpdateToday, I learned that Madelyn has Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP). Again, in short, she has a hole in the muscle separating the lower left and right chambers of her heart and also her lower valve allows the back-flow as mine did. The question now is where do we go from here..? As the doctor we spoke with today said, “If something is wrong with the heart, this is the best thing that could be wrong”.

Once Little Miss arrives we will be able to get a better idea of how serious her case is. She will probably need an echocardiogram to check the size of the hole but for now it looks small enough to not need surgery and for this we are grateful. As her heart grows we will find out more and we will strive to make the best decisions we can to help her. For the most part she should be a regular happy child without restrictions but if the day comes and she needs us, we will be strong for her. Of course I have the motherly side that is wishing she could just be normal and healthy. At the same time I also know God is giving us this child for a reason and we accept that. He has a purpose. He has a plan. She is our blessing.


  1. I have MVP. They found it in high school. Every 3 beats I have an extra one. I have to take antibiotics before any dental work or surgery. Hugs to you, your hubby and little princesses. Like you said know more once she is born. So until then stay the course and try not to worry.

    • Thank you for the support <3 Mine skips every third beat now and occasionally stops for 3-5 beats. It hurts when it happens but I'm praying she doesn't have to deal with all of those things. Only time will tell and stressing over it will not help so we're just staying positive <3

  2. You will all be stronger for it! My nephew had to have heart surgery the day his was born and 2 more shortly after, but now his one and going strong. Wishing you all well.

  3. I have an (almost) 9 year old daughter. She was born and airlifted to children’s hospital after one of her lungs collapsed. When she got there (the night before I did) the found and murmur. When I arrived the next day they informed me that she had a VSD and PDA. She stayed in the NICU for 10 days. At 16 months old, after regular monitoring of her hole, they decided that it was too severe and wouldn’t close on it’s own and they scheduled her for surgery. On November 21, 2006 she went under the knife (which was incredibly heartbreaking for me at the time). She was in surgery for around 6 hours. Everything went beautifully. But they did come to find that not only did she have a VSD but ASDs as well. And multiple holes in the walls between BOTH chambers. Basically the walls were like Swiss cheese. But surety went so well that at 3 years old she was released as a cardiac patient entirely. She was a very sick, frail little thing before surgery. Trouble eating and gaining weight, blue spells, and hitting her milestones late. But the surgery was like a miracle for her. So don’t be discouraged. If she arrives and they find it worse than they suspect, surgery didn’t become some huge thing to regret or mourn. It change her life. She now plays volleyball and loves to swim. She could never have done all that she does without it. I know it’s scary, but it’s very worth it if the case is so bad that the doctor recommends surgery. Never feel alone. I knew no one who knew how I felt or what I was dealing with. If you ever need someone who has “been there”, I’m an email away. Hope all goes well with your sweet baby girl!

  4. Its sad to hear this.but you are right God has a purpose ..and He makes no mistakes. I don’t know you personally but I have two children of my own.and I know that you are a strong person.
    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10)
    I will pray for you and your family! Don’t be discouraged.☺

  5. My son had a hole between the two upper chambers and the doctors kept a regular check on it. When he was six years old they found out that it was causing the right side of his heart to enlarge and said he could have a stroke from it. We did the surgery and they put a device in to close it and he is good as new. Have faith.

  6. It’s crazy how many CHDs you see once you are aware of them and how common they are. My son was born missing his left ventricle, double out right ventricle, small mitral valve, pulmonary stenosis, some other defects. He has had one open heart surgery at 6 months so far and will need another in the next couple of years. His first birthday was yesterday and he is doing amazing. You’d never know anything so serious is wrong with him. God definitely has blessed us and I hope this baby and family are blessed as well. Prayers for y’all!

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