It’s Tuesday and that means we got to sit down with another fun-filled family that travels full-time! This week on Travelers Tuesday, we are happy to be bringing you the Blackmore family, originally from Petersville, Alaska. This adventurous family of four has stayed in an impressive 24 states! Karlie and her husband Christopher first met back in 2003 when they were just 18 and 19 years old. They tied the knot in 2010 before hitting the road full-time with their two children (11 and 3) in March 2011. They feel lucky to have been stationary for the last three years so their oldest has been in public school but come June they will be back out on the road and are excited to see what adventures the future may hold!

Their family is unique as Karlie actually traveled as a child herself! With her dad working as a welder and her mom filling in as a “work-camper”, they spent a lot of time on the road while she was 7-13 years old. Alaska was home though and she is currently writing about her adventures and the experiences of growing up in Alaska without electricity!

For those interested in heading out on the road, her biggest piece of advice is to “plan plan plan…then throw that away because when a plan is in place, it usually fails”! I have to agree with her there; especially considering her husband’s career! Christopher is in his fifth year of his apprenticeship as an IBEW Inside Wireman. They hope their adventures will one day take them to Maine but they love the memories made while visiting Zion National Park in Utah the most. One experience they could do without would be the time they went tent camping in December to see a Christmas parade. I cannot even imagine!

If you pass them in their 2011 Keystone, be sure to honk!

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