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Happy Travelers Tuesday! If you’ve stumbled upon our Tuesday tradition for the first time, “welcome”! Travelers Tuesday is a special series where, each week, we introduce our readers to another family who travels full-time. This week we have the Rose family!

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Travelers Tuesday - Our House on Wheels WYFF

About the family: With their Mister originally being from England and their Missus being from New Orleans, the Rose family now refers to Fort Lauderdale, FL as home-base while traveling full-time. Michael and Shaneka have two boys who are 5 and 2 as well as three spoiled well-loved cats. The boys are excited to be starting Timberdoodle this year and love exploring all of the places on the family’s adventures!

What got you and your family interested in living this lifestyle? While I was considering becoming a Stay at Home Mom after having my second son, I saw the Kellogg family. It seemed the perfect way to travel the USA, since neither of us has seen much of the states. Plus, it would allow us to try a place before we commit to buying a home and resettling.

Travelers Tuesday - Our House On Wheels Father and Sons

Was getting on the road easy or challenging? Getting on the road was challenging because we purchased a used RV from a private seller in Florida and financed it. It took us a bit to get our license and registration before we were able to move from our first RV spot. After that, it has gone fairly okay.

How many states and/or countries have you visited? So far, we’ve visited 10 states and are excited to see more!

What are your travel goals? Our main goal is to visit the 48 contiguous states. We are debating visiting Alaska next year but it seems like a far stretch. It’s an area of debate in our home. Having cats makes it a little harder to visit Hawaii.

Travelers Tuesday - Our House On Wheels Father and Sons

What is your favorite and/or least favorite thing about traveling as a family? The best part of traveling has been watching the kids spend time with their father. He was having to drive an hour or more for work each day meaning he was usually exhausted. Now, he gets to see the boys more and the time they get together is higher quality than when he was tired from long days. The hardest part of traveling full-time is trying to get any time alone. It can be a challenge finding quiet down-time when you have children and live in a small space!

What has been your favorite and/or least favorite trip, site, experience so far? This has been a debate in the house since our favorite parts of places can be so different. I absolutely fell in love with Asheville. The fiber community and farm to table movement are incredible. My husband loves Savannah because it has all of the southern charm and is closer to the water.

Travelers Tuesday - Our House On Wheels Fun with Mom

What got you started in blogging? We wanted to document our travels in search of our forever home, thus the birth of Our House on Wheels. A lot of our friends and family are very supportive of our choices and want to know which places we will visit next.

What are your goals for your website? We would like to encourage others to try follow that insane yet exciting choice that they’ve been putting on the backburner for another time. Take that leap of faith and go live! I love writing about the foods of the places we explore so you’ll see a lot of that on our Facebook and Instagram pages but I also love sharing our adventures. I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and live life like an adventure.

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