Welcome back to Travelers Tuesday! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday week/weekend and are having some fun gearing up for the upcoming holidays. I know we are ready for another 2 weeks together. Today though, we are bringing you the Currens, an adventurous family originally from Sandy, UT.

About the family: Sam and Jess are full-timing across the country with their three children in a 2008 International CCD 27FB Airstream in “cilantro”. The kids, Rachel (10), Andrew (8), and Cara (5) are all homeschooled with their favorite subjects being anything creative such as art and music. Mom’s favorite subject to teach is physical education and who could blame her? Their units consist of hiking, mountain biking, and sometimes even rock climbing! Using an eclectic style of curriculum selection helps them focus on the kids’ interests at any given time but the kids do prefer Beast Academy for math and have started to really enjoy Story of the World for history.

What are your favorite or least favorite things about traveling full time as a family? Our favorite thing about traveling is the time we spend together. Sounds cliché but I love that we all eat three meals a day as a family and get to explore exciting, new places. The hardest part is probably dealing with crowded parks and the heat in the summer. I don’t like the humidity either!

How many states and countries have you visited? Depending on how you classify it, we’ve been to approximately 24 states, Canada, and Mexico!

What has been your favorite or least favorite trip or experience so far? We have so many! Our kids absolutely loved White Sands National Monument & Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Recently, we enjoyed learning about the Voyageurs and beaver fur trade at Voyageurs National Park & Grand Portage National Monument. I’m not sure we have a least favorite. We definitely do not love bit cities! We would rather be out in nature exploring, hiking, biking, and even some backcountry camping.

What are your travel goals? We live full time in our Airstream Travel Trailer (188 sq. ft.!) and generally follow the weather. We like to spend the summers up north and the winters down south. We try to see national park, find sweet backpacking areas, or mountain biking spots.

Why did you start a website/blog and what are your goals for it? We decided to travel and adventure as a family and we wanted a way to share and inspire others to explore the world around them. We want to provide information about fun adventures, locations, gear, healthy eating, and just general “go get ’em” inspiration. Kids can do hard things and often as parent we just need a little motivation to try!

Do you have a favorite post, page, or category you have written on your website/blog? Yes! I love It’s Time to Live Your Dreams.

A glimpse into the mom behind the family: What is your favorite book? Currently it is Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. What is your favorite thing to write about? I love writing about adventuring outdoors with my kids. Outdoor recreation is a passion of mine and I love sharing it with my family. What is your favorite season? Spring and Fall for sure because the temperature is just right! What is your favorite food? Is there something you love that you’ve found somewhere but you can’t easily find elsewhere? Thai Curry & Sushi are by favorite. The expensive kind. I also love to eat beignets and only New Orleans has those.

Falling in love with this adorable family from Currently Wandering yet? Want to see more? You can learn all about them by following their Facebook and Instagram pages!

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