One of the best things about camper life and living on the road is all the amazing people we get to meet and all the wonderful families we have begun to follow. In 2015, we started a tradition where we sought out other full-time families  and were ecstatic to be allowed to share many of their stories. Our family is very happy to announce that this tradition will live on and the weekly series is back: Welcome to Travelers Tuesday!

Today, we are bringing you the Kinney Family from Provo, UT.

About the family: Cameron and his wife are originally from Ventura, CA, but moved to Provo for school and never left. They love the outdoors and anything to do with camping, hiking, dogs, skiing, etc. Recently, they welcomed their first son into the mix of life and couldn’t be happier!

Travelers Tuesday - Bearded Camper

What got you and your family interested in living this lifestyle? My wife and I grew up surfing, biking, and very active in the outdoors. We got to Utah and realized it was a mecca for every outdoor activity.

Was getting on the road challenging? Any advice to those just starting out? We don’t currently live full-time on the road but we will be taking some month-long ski trips this winter. The most challenging part is not forgetting anything! Haha.

Travelers Tuesday - Bearded Camper

How many states and countries have you already visited? Together we have visited over 30 countries and 15 states. We love to experience new things in life and always try to eat something unique everywhere we go.

What has been your favorite and/or least favorite trip, site, experience so far? Few things can beat what Switzerland has to offer but one of our favorite spots that is closer to home is Zions National Park. There are so many hikes and adventures to go on; always something to explore!

Bearded Camper Mount Zion

What got you started in blogging and what are your goals for the website? I started on Instagram just to have somewhere to put all of my family’s adventures. It took off very quickly and apparently people liked our stuff! I recently built our website but one of our goals is to have a gallery of pictures and blog posts for people to interact with. We would love to help inspire others to get into the outdoors!

What is your favorite thing to write about? I am not a huge writer but I do enjoy writing about the highlights from our trips. It’s nice to help others with ideas for their own trips by sharing reviews of places we have been or gear we have used.

Travelers Tuesday - Bearded Camper

Getting a bit more personal: Do you have a favorite genre of music? I like anything relaxing and peaceful. What is your favorite season? Going back to loving the outdoors and peaceful music, I also really do love winter. So many people think that there isn’t much to do, but I feel the exact opposite. There are so many activities in winter! Are there any unique favorites/passions you would like to share? I think that ski mountaineering has been a growing passion of mine, and I really hope that the sport gets bigger and more well-known. What is your favorite food? Is there something you love that you’ve found somewhere but you can’t easily find elsewhere? I always love a really good burger. I enjoy trying small town local burgers shops such as Milt’s Drive-In in Moab, UT.

Travelers Tuesday - Bearded Camper

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