Welcome to our second week of Travelers Tuesdays where we love to introduce new families who travel full time! This week, we are joined by Storm and Rebeka from “Alaskan Gypsies“. Their family is originally from Kasilof, Alaska, but they are currently chasing their dreams and passions across our great nation.

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Meet the family: Storm and Rebeka have three kids and two of them are traveling full time with them. Their daughter (18) is away at college but their two sons (10 and 7) are loving roadschooling. Right now, their favorite curriculum to use is Trail Guide to Learning, an American History based curriculum that focuses on the Charlotte Mason style of teaching. Their favorite subjects are science and geography and they both love getting artistic! 

What are your favorite or least favorite things about traveling full time? Our favorite part of traveling together is experiencing all these places and learning about them together. We have always been close but I do believe we have bonded more as a family. The connections and memories we are creating with each other makes it all worth while. One of the hardest parts about being on the road is when Storm goes to work. I have to be really creative on how to get my alone time and I do need it sometimes. I love to run so that has been a challenge because I can’t just go for a 1-2 hour run and leave the kids alone. I have found it helpful to map out short routes or I will run in circles in the campgrounds so that I can get a little run therapy.

How many states or countries have you visited? So far, we have driven from Alaska through Canada on the Alaska-Canadian (ALCAN) and Cassiar Highways down to San Diego. We were there for a family reunion and then traveled back through California hitting several large parks on the way through. We visited Joshua Tree, Sequoia, and Redwood Parks just to name a few. We then drove the 101 from Northern California to Washinton and, after a small stay in Washington, went south to Oregon for my first trail run (13.1 miles!) up a mountain. From Oregon we moved on to Idaho and this is where we will be camping for a small while but we will move on again soon. We started traveling full time in June of 2015 and since my husband works 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, we move during his times off.

What has been your favorite (and least favorite) trip, site, or experience so far? I know it sounds silly but I have loved everywhere we have gone. It is one of the reasons we decided to travel because every time we visited somewhere new, we just loved being there. We love new places and new adventures! Our boys would probably say California was there favorite because we visited LEGOLAND and went boogie boarding. I did really love Oregon though.

What are your ultimate travel goals? Our travel goals are to see as much of our great country as possible while also learning as much about it as we can along the way. We also want to use this opportunity to visit many of our friends and family across the states.

Why did you start a website/blog and what are your goals for it? I started the blog to share my home business but then decided to write about preparing to travel full time and also our adventures. I have not been very faithful with it but that is one of my goals, to become more diligent. It is has been harder than I originally thought but I would eventually like to earn money while blogging about our lifestyle.


A glimpse into the mom behind the family: Do you have a favorite book? My favorite book is the Bible. I love to read aloud to my kids and I tend to enjoy junior novels. I also love historical fiction and could get lost in a good series. I’m always looking for a new read to fall in love with if anyone has suggestions! What is your favorite thing to write about? I think I really like to write about homeschool, running, and travel. I have to be in the right mood though so it may not be good for a successful blog. What is your favorite season? My favorite season is fall if I am in the states with all of the beautiful fall colors. I grew up in upstate New York and Alaska has never stood a chance in comparison to New York for fall beauty. In Alaska, summer is my favorite. Now that we are in the states, I love following the sun. What is your favorite food? Is there something you’ve found somewhere that you can’t easily find elsewhere? My favorite foods are cake and coffee. Cake, I am not picky, but when I find a yummy moist cake then I relish it. Coffee has been a challenge since I am a bit of a coffee snob. When we started traveling, one of the first things we did was purchase an espresso machine. I needed a good cup of coffee! Now that I think of it…maybe I should go fix a cup right now. See you down the road!


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