When we started our blogging journey two years ago, I never dreamed The Vetetoe Family would become what it has. It was a simple way to stay in touch with friends or family as we knew we would one day hit the road full-time. It was a way to help other families, whether their needs be hotel living, camper care, homeschooling ideas, general support and compassion, or some other more personal request. Twice now, I have tried to give it up. Twice now, I have faced an outcry of supporters who would hate to see us go. I thought we could do it. I thought I could stop writing about our story and give up the all-day messaging with families who are like ours. I thought I could stop going on trips with the girls while thinking “wow, I should share this for other families to enjoy”. I really intended to. Life is life though and my heart has ached since the moment the decision was made. So, here we are. It is March 1, 2016 and I am here to say, for the final time, “We’re baaaaack!”

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Welcome to the new, improved, and fully dedicated TheVetetoeFamily.com!

A lot has happened since I last shared with you all just before the 2015 holiday season. We spent a wonderful two weeks back in Northwest Arkansas enjoying time with our families for both Christmas and New Years before heading back to Texas.

Happy Holidays!

At the time, we had a secret brewing. The Mister was scheduling a handful of interviews and had already secured a few different job offers. We let some of the family in on the options we were considering but left most of the debating a quiet ordeal between us. In the end, he accepted a position that not only moved us back into Arkansas temporarily but it also topped him out as an official Lineman! God says the wife should trust the husband to lead the family and I am very thankful that I did as He commands. I prayed often for God to help guide my husband’s heart to where we belong and I could not be more proud of his decisions!

The move to E.P. Breaux created a ripple effect of opportunities within our lives. Our connections to people, our family time, and our adventures have all changed. This crew could not be more perfect for my fearless, loud-mouthed, family oriented man. All of the guys understand when he wants to spend his downtime with us but we are also always welcomed into their world. Dinner time can get a bit crazy in the “mess hall”, a tent attached to the superintendent’s camper, but those nights when we join them for a cookout are some of our favorites.

Family Fun!

The Mister is also enjoying his set 10 on 4 off schedule (which most linewies can tell you is heavenly). I love that the girls and I are able to take mini vacations without feeling guilty about the long days The Mister is putting in at work because I know when we get back he will get his own vacation. The extra time together has allowed us to make several quick trips to visit loved ones or friends while still having our days to explore or be lazy. How could it be any more perfect?!

The third change that is taking some getting used to is E.P. Breaux’s longer contracts. We have gone from sometimes moving weekly to settling in for months (possibly years). How long this will last is yet to be seen but it has been a very encouraging experience. So far, we have settled into a good routine of story times, meetings with local friends, and even joined a homeschool co-op. We are very excited to see what else we can get into before our next move so be sure to subscribe to The Vetetoe Family for more updates and to follow along!

A Fresh Start

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