I was recently selected by Influenster to test out Mary Kay’s new acne control system, Clear Proof. I have suffered terrible breakouts for over 10 years now with very few products controlling it well. At times, especially during my first pregnancy, my skin would be so bad that it hurt to smile. I have heard that Mary Kay products are the original gold standard so I was honored to have been selected!
IMG_6106.JPGMy Clear Proof kit!

At the beginning of this trial my skin was fairly clear which made me a bit nervous to switch things up. I was also hopeful wondering if maybe I could finally have that clear complexion everyone wants. After using the products as directed I was slightly disappointed. My face did not feel very clean as I stepped out of the shower and felt very greasy from the first moment I used the moisturizer. Now, almost the full 30 days later, I have breakouts all over. My face feels greasy and looks oily all day long. I had a before shot but honestly…I don’t feel comfortable posting an after shot. Their acne treatment gel seems to help blemishes clear up faster than they would with other products but that is the only item in this kit I would recommend. If you are interested in trying the kit yourself, you can purchase it through a Mary Kay representative or directly from their website for $45.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Full disclosure here.

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