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Life of Fred Review

Funny Books for New Readers: Life of Fred

One of the most incredible things about early childhood education is the opportunity to watch a young reader grow not only in skill but...

Insect Lore Praying Mantises

*This post may contain affiliate links.* Each year, our family looks forward to ordering caterpillars and watching them blossom into beautiful butterflies. This year though,...

intelliARMOR iPhone Screen Protector Review

Have you ever wondered about cell phone radiation? Have you ever fallen in love with an iPhone case just to realize it there is...
Insect Lore Butterflies

Insect Lore Butterflies 2016

It is no secret that our family loves Insect Lore butterflies, and the amazing life cycle unit studies they help us to create. Sometimes...

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers: Our Solar System

*This article and giveaway are sponsored by Two Little Hands Productions as well as Rachel & the TreeSchoolers but all opinions expressed are original...

Quaker Breakfast Flats

Quaker breakfast flats are a great new portable snack from a brand you can trust and just in time for our busy spring season! Made...
Signing Time Logo

Signing Time! Christmas {Review & Giveaway!}

A little over two years ago, my friend Mommy the Zookeeper made a comment about her littles' sign language progress. I do not recall...

Kiwi Crate: Review & Raffle!

If you know our family at all then you know the kids and I are all about getting crafty, reading stories, and having fun...

Koala Crate: An Honest Review {and a GIVEAWAY too!}

As a homeschooling mom who obviously loves to get crafty while learning with the littles, kid themed subscription boxes have been on my radar for some time...

Lemony Fresh & All Natural

Smells are always important but when you live in a small space such as a tiny house or travel trailer, smells can be paramount....