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Struggling with mental health is hard but what is even harder is sharing those struggles. Here I am though, open and honest.

July Reads 2018

What I’m Reading in July 2018

It's no secret that library days are a family favorite in our household and what I'm reading in July was hugely impacted by one...
What Im Reading May 2018

What I’m Reading in May 2018

Something exciting is happening in our household: Mama is taking back some free-time! Books are a passion for me; I love reading. Love. It...
My Nursing Toddler

Weaning My Toddler

If you told me before 2015 that weaning my toddler would be one of the largest parenting hurdles I would face during our children's...
hello doctor

Fat-Shamed & Strong

I know I’m in good health. My blood pressure is always great. I’ve never struggled with diabetes or high cholesterol – but I’m fat....
5 Bad Mood Busters

5 Bad Mood Busters – Get Your Kid Back!

Why bad mood busters? As parents, grandparents, or care givers in general, we have all been to that limit. You know the one. The...
6 books for a self-focused summer

Six Sizzling Books for a Self-Focused Summer

Everyone could use a little motivation these days, especially with the kids home from school and families enjoying their seasonal vacations. You want to give...
What Moms Really Want

What Moms Really Want

"We all know the stereotypical answers (flowers, chocolate, and jewelry) but we want to know, what do moms really want for Mother's Day? If...

Children Spell Love T-I-M-E

Let's think back about your last week, month, or even year. How many times did you look at a child who should be priority...

10 Ideas for Giving Back This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! Have you thought about all of the ways you want to give back to the people...

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