Math on the Road

Homeschooling beginner math concepts can be a bit of a challenge but the Rock-N-Learn Early Math Collection has helped make some major differences around our household. While I cannot say that they are our favorites, they are definitely effective in their methods. The girls were able to absorb the ideas, implement them into daily life, and had a blast in the process. We’ll call that a success for sure!

*All posts on our site may contain affiliate links which help support our family. Our family received a copy of this collection for reviewing purposes but all opinions expressed are our own.*

Rock-N-Learn Early Math CollectionBefore trying out this collection, Wild Child was struggling with money and how various coins have different values. Now, she is catching on and should soon be able to start adding! Princess was having difficulty understanding how time works in relation to daytime and nighttime. After utilizing the Rock-N-Learn Early Math Collection, she’s caught on to AM and PM while getting better daily at reading the time. It is making life much easier being able to give her deadlines for chores or being able to explain that we can go to the park at 4:00 if she participates in quiet time while the littlest little naps. We are relishing the differences we’ve seen!

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Read my full review of the Rock-N-Learn Early Math Collection over on Educents’ blog to see more ideas about how these great DVDs could help in your home or classroom. We’ve even left some tidbits on games and activities that would work great for your little learners!

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