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It is no secret that our little ones love both books and screen time while we love ensuring most of their stimuli is educational. That is why I have fallen so in love with the Rock-N-Learn Alphabet, Colors, Shapes,  & Counting Collection! The songs featured on the DVDs are catchy and memorable while the books align perfectly with each section on the DVDs. The combination is a total win-win!

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Rock-N-Learn Alphabet Book & DVD Set

Rock-N-Learn Alphabet Collection

Alphabet Al’s ABC Book of Words and Rhymes starts off by introducing Al, the guide through the book and the host of the Alphabet movie. There is also a full set of the alphabet in both upper and lower case for singing the alphabet song before each letter is featured on its own page. The littles love to “read along” with the rhymes in the book while pointing to the letters as Al is singing the songs on the DVD. Their favorite song on the Rock-N-Learn Alphabet DVD is definitely “The Name Game“! This adorable section announces two names starting with each letter of the alphabet and asks that the children get involved when the names start with the same letter as their own. The best part of this is that the names aren’t sung in alphabetic order meaning it becomes more of a test and a challenge!

Alphabet DVD Sections:

  • Rock-N-Learn Original Alphabet Song
  • Letters A-Z (with word examples)
  • Al’s Alphabet
  • Funny-Looking Letters Game
  • The Name Game
  • Traditional Alphabet Song
  • Print the Letters
  • Print the Numbers

Estimated Run Time: 35 minutes

Rock-N-Learn Colors, Shapes, & Counting Book & DVD Set

Rock-N-Learn BooksIn Rock-N-Learn’s Colors, Shapes, & Counting: A Point & Name Book of Rhymes, the littles are introduced to Rollie Roundman, Trollie Triangle, and Rockford Rectangle. Rollie is there to help teach all about colors so he takes readers (and viewers) on an adventure to several locations including school and the beach while pointing out all of the colors along the way. Trollie has a passion for shapes so they try to search out circles, triangles, and rectangles in everyday items such as ice cream cones. (Yum!) The neat part about Rock-N-Learn’s Colors, Shapes, & Counting Book & DVD set is that Rock-N-Learn didn’t stop at the basics or stick to one order. There is an introduction which would match comparable items and then they branch out even farther. They chose to do this by showing how to mix colors and discussing advanced shapes such as octagons and decagons. With Rockford, our littles got excited about counting their fingers and toes to get first five then ten and went on to count all twenty. It was adorable to watch!

Colors, Shapes, & Counting DVD Sections:

Rock-N-Learn Colors

  • Colors All Around
  • Basic Colors
  • Shapes Are All Around Us
  • What Color Is It?
  • Name That Shape
  • Music Helps Us Count to 5
  • Diamonds and Squares
  • Polygons
  • Let’s Count to 20
  • Fun Time Quiz
  • …plus 12 more!

Estimated Run Time: 46 minutes

In It to Win It

With over 200 awards, including the National Parenting Publications Awards (gold) and Mom’s Choice Awards (gold), Rock-N-Learn is a brand you can trust and your littles will love. Get entered to win your own copy of the Rock-N-Learn Alphabet, Colors, Shapes,  & Counting Collection!

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