Review Policies

The Vetetoe Family abides by the following policies in regards to Product Reviews:

  1. Product reviews are free of charge, however not all products will be accepted for review.
  2. A product is required for all reviews and it will not be returned.
  3. No sample sizes will be accepted as I need a full-sized product to adequately test.
  4. For sanitary reasons, the product you send must be new and in original packaging.
  5. If the wrong item is shipped (size, color, quantity, et al.) or the item sent is damaged then I reserve the right to not complete my review. You will have the option to send a corrected or undamaged replacement. If you provide a prepaid label then I will promptly return the original incorrect or damaged item.
  6. Please allow 4 weeks to 6 months for your review to be completed and published. Most will be completed much sooner but in the case of curriculums or similar specialized products I will attempt to time the review just before your next peak buying season. Educational materials take the longest as we need to see how they truly fit our family over time. If this is not acceptable, the terms must be set before the agreement to review is set.
  7. Because we travel full-time for my husband’s career, we may move frequently. This means you must ship your product in a timely manner. If you do not, and it gets to the provided address after we leave, there is nothing I can do.
  8. Honesty is my promise to my readers so please be aware that I will share both the good and the bad in my reviews. Please be confident in your product and/or services before accepting a review agreement with our family.
  9. Unsolicited mail (products I did not ask for, shipped to me) will be kept or donated. No review will be published for these items.
  10. We are willing to review local attractions, stores, events, or similar. If you notice we are in your area then please, feel free to contact us. All admission fees are expected to be waived in exchange for reviews.

All policies subject to change without notice.

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