Quick Fix Camper Door

I heard about an idea for our camper door the other day that stopped me in my tracks and made me go “duh” for a moment. If you live in a camper with a young toddler then you’ve probably done your fair share of worrying about them toppling out of those oh so lovely screen doors. I mean, even if you get it to stay shut, that flimsy screen is just begging to be ripped out by little hands and 20+ pounds of body weight! Tonight, we put the idea to test and are completely in love with the results. So, what’s our secret? Plexiglass. Yes! See? So easy that not imagining it beforehand is almost laughable. I apologize for the lack of before photos or product information but I had no idea this would be post worthy.

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We simply measured the opening, ran out to the local hardware store, grabbed a sheet of plexiglass, had them cut it to size, and headed home to screw it on. It literally took my husband less than 5 minutes of work to have this on our door and that included finding his drill.

Don’t forget the handle trick! If you have the outside handle that lifts up and folds in then you can fold it in from the inside to keep the screen door from opening. Voila! Happy Mommy with an open airy house and a safe baby who can’t escape. Such a win/win!


  1. Oh my gosh thank you for this! My 8 month old fell out the door the day we bought our travel trailer while still sitting on the rv lot. He is fine but now I’m terrifyed of the kids around the door. This is going to be installed today thank you so much!

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