Putt-Putt Fort Wayne

Tell me honestly, could anyone ever not love miniature golf? I can’t even imagine! Our family’s love for the game is part of why we were so excited to discover Putt-Putt Fun Center. The other reason we enjoyed it so much: the environment and the settings.

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Situated on the north side of Fort Wayne, Putt-Putt Fun Center offers three 18-hole courses, all set to their own theme. With “classic”, “safari”, and “jungle” to keep your littles ones entertained, it’s no wonder they offer tickets to play by the sets! We decided to stick with one round of 18-holes and our girls chose to explore the jungle.

Fort Wayne Putt-Putt

Fort Wayne Courses

Putt-Putt Zebra

Miniature golf is probably one of our family’s favorite past times when looking for simple outdoor fun. I am sure the fellow golfers are not amused by us but watching these tiny humans smack the balls as hard as they can before simply rolling them by hand into the holes is hilarious. Why take life, or mini golf, so seriously that seeing little ones giggling isn’t a load of fun? Especially when the golf course offers a few water features including a button to drench the person standing on the bridge. That alone was worth the trip!

Fort Wayne Miniatue Golf

Daddy Daughter Putt-Putt

If your family is searching for an afternoon of wholesome fun enjoying the outdoors while visiting Fort Wayne, the Putt-Putt Fun Center (and their accompanying Speedway) is an inexpensive yet entertaining option for sure.

Putt-Putt Fun

Visiting Putt-Putt Fun Center

Miniature Golf


Monday to Friday 4pm-10pm
Saturday 10am-11pm
Sunday 12pm-10pm
*Hours may vary by season so please contact to confirm.*


1 Course $7 per person
2 Course $11 per person
3 Courses $14 per person
*Activity/game tickets also available in bundles.*

Contacting Fort Wayne Putt-Putt:

4530 Speedway Drive
Fort Wayne, IN. 46825

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