Pregnancy Essentials for Minimalists

Congratulations, Mama! You’re officially growing a tiny human! Grab your pregnancy essentials and enjoy the glow, the joy, and all of that glorious other fancy stuff people talk about…

The truth though is that your body is about to be in for a wild ride. Some things will be exciting: those first kicks! Some situations will be gross: accidentally peeing yourself when you sneeze. And a lot of your symptoms will just be annoying: the exhaustion, the constant food aversions, nausea, and did we mention exhaustion? Dang you, hormones and awkward bodily functions!

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You still have a million things to do before baby arrives along with your normal daily life. You want to enjoy your pregnancy and the short time you have growing your little one. You don’t want to spend your days feeling miserable and wishing it all away. So, have no fear; I’m here with a true list of pregnancy essentials for minimalists as told by a mom of four!

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My Pregnancy Essentials

Stork Prenatal Liquid Vitamins – During my first three pregnancies and while breastfeeding I tried three different types of prenatal vitamins. On the list were one prescription, two over the counter, and even Flintstones. Yes, the children’s vitamins. Apparently those are the number one recommended vitamins when the regular ones make you sick. I suffered with various deficiencies including vitamin D, vitamin A, iron, magnesium, and more. One day though, that all changed! A friend recommended Stork liquid prenatal and my whole world suddenly got better. I slowly weaned off of needing additional supplements and have felt amazing ever since!

Diffuser and Essential Oils – Both the first and third trimester bring on some serious exhaustion. If you’re lucky you’ll also get nausea and morning sickness during both! {please catch the sarcasm there} High quality essential oils and a diffuser kept me going and feeling a little less queasy. A couple of drops of citrusy oils in the morning, a little peppermint if my stomach was upset, and lavender in the evenings kept my symptoms from ruling our lives. Huge bonus while chasing a toddler and two bigs!

All the Tea – Another great item for helping with nausea is ginger tea. Yogi has a great lemon ginger tea that’s also caffeine-free making it my go-to during pregnancy. Earth Mama Organics’ “Peaceful Mama” and “Heartburn” blends were also my daily BFFs keeping my reflux a little more controlled and my mood swings a little less wild.

RTIC Tumbler and a Steel Straw Let’s face it, hydration during pregnancy is a major key to avoiding heightened symptoms, preterm labor, leg cramps, and a host of other issues. I love my tumbler because it’s A: inexpensive and B: keeps things coooold. Nobody wants to grab a cup of water and realize it’s hot. I can leave my cup baking in the sun while I’m homeschooling our littles and still have to fill it because the ice won’t be melting. I think that’s a good problem to have. ­čśĆ

Compression Socks While we’re on the topic of leg cramps, let’s talk compression socks. These things are life at the end of pregnancy, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a winter baby so they don’t have you sweltering. They help keep your blood flowing meaning not only will you be cramping less but your risk for clots will also be extremely lowered.

Good Moisturizing Oil/Cream – During my first pregnancy, I used Bio-Oil often while trying to reduce the stretch marks I would be left with. All of my research later and it’s pretty clear that no amount of moisturizing will really make a difference in stretch marks (they just want you to believe that) but they DO help with the itching and other uncomfortable feelings as your belly grows. My favorite one currently is Belly Butter from Burt’s Bees. I use it during pregnancy and even postpartum to help hydrate and heal.

Heated Back Massager Nothing feels better during the end of pregnancy than sitting back with your swollen feet elevated, your little one kicking away, and a massager pressed firmly against your aching lower back. Okay, maybe one thing: if that massager is also heated. Ohhhhh my yes. A handheld one is great if your partner wants to get involved in caring for the mommy-to-be but honestly, being able to relax on a couch or in a recliner, dozing in or out, now that’s a third-trimester heavenly moment right there.

Comfortable Pants – One of the best things about pregnancy is you’re allowed to be comfy anytime you darn well want to. Or at least as comfortable as possible. Pants can be one of the hardest things to find though which is why I’m obsessed with the Ingrid Maternity line from Target. Their inserted panel jeans feel like my favorite jeans while allowing for growth the entire pregnancy. It’s the best of both worlds!

Maternity Must Haves

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