About a month ago, I received a sample of Pampers Cruisers complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. We have almost always been a Pampers family and have used them regularly for over five years now between our three girls. There were times when we used Huggies or Luvs but for the majority of our disposables, Pampers were our go-to. The updated fit of the Cruisers is amazing and I loved the design! We haven’t purchased Cruisers in a long time but used the Swaddlers or Baby Dry instead so I cannot say for sure just how much they have changed recently. I can only say we loved them before and now, they’re even better!

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However, I need to be completely honest with you all, as I have promised to always be. We do not use disposables full time. We have used both disposables and cloth diapers for almost 2 years now with the ratio leaning more towards cloth all the time. In fact, our youngest was recently switched to a new brand of cloth diapers found at Organic Baby Wearhouse and she has decided she hates anything but them. Seriously! I tried so hard to get a cute photo of her for sharing but she was just not having being in a disposable. 

Yeah, it wasn’t happening. The verdict: super cute and they don’t leak but this kid won’t be wearing them. After this, I am fairly certain we are officially all cloth. And now, it is time for the real challenge…potty training the middle child who enjoys shoving whole toilet paper rolls down the septic drain. Wish me luck!

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