The first thing I need to say here is: “I am proud of our kids!” They spent 9 long hours at Camping World of Fort Meyers today while we signed papers and waited for our hitch to be installed. I know, scary right? There was not a single melt down. I have never been as proud of their behavior as I was today. Haha, now that I’ve bragged on them, they’ll probably be wild screaming hooligans the entire next week but…it had to be said!

The second thing is: “We’re officially the owners of a brand new 5th wheel!” Agh! We are terribly excited if you can’t tell. ^_^

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Heartland Silverado 37QB

Here it is!

Introducing our 42′ 2015 Heartland Silverado. This has been a dream for a while now. Not only the 5th wheel but mostly knowing that where “Daddy” goes, we go too. This is the key to our family being together full time. The kids cried when we had to hook it up. “Can’t we just stay in it nowww?!” We love the king bedroom, separate bunk house, 1.5 bathrooms, washer/dryer, and outside kitchen. It’s just our size! (Or we’ll make it fit?!)

Okay… Okay. I know what you’re here for. Pictures, right? These were taken really fast during their inspection and before they cleaned it. I’ll have more as we put our own touches inside and really make this house into a home. {Update: You can now tour our home!}

Heartland Silverado 37QB Kitchen
Heartland Silverado 37QB Dining Booth

Heartland Silverado 37QB Living Room
Heartland Silverado 37QB Living Room
Heartland Silverado 37QB King Bed
Heartland Silverado 37QB Bedroom

Heartland Silverado 37QB Bunkhouse
Heartland Silverado 37QB Bunkhouse
Heartland Silverado 37QB Outside Kitchen
Heartland Silverado 37QB - Our New Home!
Heartland Silverado 37QB - All Hitched Up!


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