Before we dive into our camper remodel, I’ll go ahead and answer the most common question we’ve received by those closest to us: “Why? Why gut it all?!” Most assume we were having major issues but really, I was just THAT tired of the brown. Sorry to disappoint, our camper has held up splendidly considering we were full-time for 5 years before the remodel. We did find some leaking and mold issues during the process but they were mild, quick-fixes compared to the nightmares we’ve seen. For that, we’ve been very thankful!

When we first hit the road full-time brown was all the rage in the RV design world, despite what families were screaming we wanted. In recent years the industry has begun to change it up and some manufacturers are even working with RV remodel companies to create living spaces which are adored by campers everywhere. One example of this would be Keystone partnering with The Flipping Nomads. Full-timers rejoice!

Now that I’ve shared our not so exciting reason for why, here is our camper remodel reveal! I’ll do this in a before/after fashion for now. Soon, we’ll share a bit more details of how we accomplished things and the products we used. We’re still working on a few smaller projects like turning the outside kitchen into a pantry and want to replace the living room blinds with cordless options. For the most part though, she’s finally complete!

Camper Remodel: The Before

Camper Remodel: The After

Planning your own remodel soon or have questions about how we make RV life functional for a family of soon-to-be seven? Always feel free to reach out via email or Instagram!

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