As I mentioned in Introducing Geography – Africa, we did this craft at the drop of a hat to stop some tantrums and allow our littles to reset a bit. I had already done the prep work so all they had to do was color their houses and help attach the roofs. This would definitely make great cutting practice or even drawing practice if they designed their houses on their own. When prepping ours, I had Aryanna and Alexandra tell me what kind of shapes they wanted and where but then we left them in our craft box until the moment we really needed them. Below, you can find some photos and brief explanations on how to make these super cute houses.

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  • White construction paper (cut in half longwise – one half per child)
  • Brown construction paper (cut a circle large enough to make a roof)
  • Ruler
  • Several marker colors
  • A writing utensil
  • Clear glue
  1. Cut the white construction paper so that you have one long strip for each child. It is best to cut each sheet into two strips.
  2. At one end on each strip, mark a straight line about 1″ up. This is where we will glue the two ends together one the house has been decorated.
  3. Draw designs using straight lines across the strip lengthwise. Don’t forget to include a few areas for windows and a door. Older children can do this themselves and can even work to make the house look symmetrical if desired.
  4. Allow the littles to color the house how they wish remembering that the Ndebele Tribe love bright colors and bold patterns.
  5. Glue the blank end of paper behind the colored end of paper. Once this dries you can glue the circle of brown paper to the top to form a roof. Now you can pretend to eat your meals inside of your mini house just like the children in the story My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken, and Me!




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