If you follow our family on Facebook or Instagram then you probably noticed a photo or two from our recent trip to the Tyler Historic Aviation Memorial Museum (Tyler HAMM) a couple of weeks ago. I will be adding an album of photographs later today but honestly there was no way to do this adorable museum justice. They have a vast collection from all eras and the volunteers we had the honor of meeting are top notch. I could not have asked for a more pleasant experience or a more knowledgeable representative! Not only were the people incredible and the exhibits on point but they also have a full library dedicated to everything aviation related. Our tour guide mentioned that many people stop by on a regular basis when doing research or for homeschooling lessons. I could definitely see why and ironically, that is exactly why we were there!

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National Aviation DayTomorrow kicks off a week long aviation celebration for our family in honor of National Aviation Day which was established by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1939. Each year on August 19th, which is also Orville Wright’s birthday, the country gives notice to the advances made in aviation through the years and commemorates the past for all that they have offered to the future. We will be observing this national holiday in several ways, one of which was the trip to the museum. Below, you can see a list of the books we will be sharing and also some of the crafts we hope to complete. Won’t you please join us in this unit study? I would love to see your photos shared on Facebook or you can tag your Instagram photos with #AviationLove2015 for a chance to be featured on our page.

Our Aviation Week Book List

Our Aviation Week Craft List


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