What Moms Really Want

“We all know the stereotypical answers (flowers, chocolate, and jewelry) but we want to know, what do moms really want for Mother’s Day? If money, time, and distance were not in the equation, what gift or display of affection would your heart be truly calling out for?” This is the question that we posed to the mothers of social media. Below are the top five most common responses and they may be more simple than our families would think.

Moms Really Want: A Date Night

Number 5

The fifth idea submitted most often by the wives was a night out spending time reconnecting with the husbands. Sometimes we just need to be a woman aside from always be wife and mom. We love our men! Alone time with them is not only precious to our hearts but it is good for our souls.

Moms Really Want: A Shopping Day

Number 4

Next on the list was a shopping day completely alone, possibly with unlimited guilt-free funds. Too often shopping ends up being a group event with kids tagging along or we end up splurging for everyone in the family while feeling guilty about spending on ourselves. Give your wife cash, tell her to spend it only on her, and watch as a refreshed woman walks through the door that evening!

Moms Really Want: A Hotel Night

Number 3

For those moms who really need the mental break, the top request would be an evening alone in a hotel room; giant tub and room service preferably included. It isn’t that they don’t love being with their families, they just need the downtime so that they can come back in and continue giving their all. Remember, you can’t pour tea from an empty kettle just as you can’t take a drink from an empty cup. Moms need some time to recharge so they can continue pouring out their energy for those they love.

Moms Really Want: A Massage

Number 2

The second most requested item for Mother’s Day is a massage. Yes, loved ones, it could be that simple. Just send her on her way for a 90-minute guilt free massage! No need to really prep or plan, a gift certificate and 2 hours of child wrangling would suffice.

Moms Really Want: A Family Day

Number 1

And finally, the number one thing that most mothers would request on Mother’s Day would be: an entire day with the family while free from all of the responsibilities. That’s right. All mom really wants is be surrounded by her loved ones while not having to cook, clean, or grant wishes for a day. A home-cooked meal or two and a house cared for by those she takes care of on a regular basis is the epitome of what moms really want for Mother’s Day.

“I’d love to spend an entire day with my family but I want them to take care of me. Three full meals I didn’t have to cook or clean up from and special moments with them all. I run in circles every day and feel like I miss out on far too much.” –What Moms Really Want

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