Lawrence County Tractor Show

Perched just inside the gate at the fairgrounds are dozens of tractors and antique machines ready for the annual Lawrence Country Tractor Show! Events such as this are a homeschooler’s dream come true, filled with enthusiasts eager to share about their collections.

Antique Mower

The first thing to catch the girls’ eyes was of course the giant row of running pulleys. With some of them dating all the way back to the 1800s, it was incredible watching these tried and true early machines do their thing.

Antique Pulley

Antique Machines

One of the gentleman at the show pulled out his antique red chief corn grinder and shucker which was a huge hit. The girls took turns first shucking corn and then grinding it. He even sent some ground feed home with us so we could use it for a bird feeder project!

Shucking Corn

Red Chief Antique Grinder

Grinding Corn

Antique Grinding

Not to be outdone by a simple grinder, the next man we spoke with tooted his own horns: literally! We got to hear about one of them which came from a steam boat that worked on the Great Lakes. He also had an old military air compressor they used to start up airplanes way back in the day. I didn’t even know that was a thing!

Antique Military Air Compressor

If you’re ever around town when the Lawrence County Tractor Show is going on, I’d definitely recommend stopping by. You don’t have to be an enthusiast yourself to enjoy what these guys have to share and there’s all kinds of neat things to learn.

Antique Tractor

1927 Shaw Tractor

Contact Lawrence County Fairgrounds

Address: 11261 US Highway 50W
Bedford, IN 47421
Phone: (812) 583-8921

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