Welcome to the third individual edition of Introducing Geography! In this series, we are sharing our books, crafts, recipes, and field trips relating to either our continental or state studies for our very first Kindergarten year. You can find our continental unit study schedule on the post Introducing Geography but we did skip our ocean studies and plan to cover these later instead. So far, we have covered Australia and Africa which were both loads of fun! We took a break two weeks ago to celebrate National Aviation Day and also worked hard to complete our 100 Books in August. Add in some play dates, a trip to the beach, and BBQs with friends; this Mama is barely keeping up. Busy busy!

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For our crafts this go around, we decided to make tree frogs, rain sticks, and rainforest birds. Unfortunately, we have been so crazy that I never got around to taking pictures. I know, FAIL. So, I have resorted to Pinteresting some directions and photos for my lovely readers to check out. These are fairly close to the same projects we accomplished which I will hopefully share on Instagram, eventually, if I remember.

Anyway, enough about my current failures. Below is a list of the books we read and studied as well as links to the three crafts. Enjoy!

Tree Frog Craft (toilet paper rolls)

Rain Stick Craft (we used the large Pringles cans)

Rainforest Birds Craft (This is the actual inspiration for the craft we did. Score one for marking the link! See…I can be on top of my game sometimes.) 


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