Insurance: Medela Pump in Style

As a lot of new or expecting parents are learning, most insurance providers are now providing breast pumps to those who are planning to breast feed. While our insurance has been doing this for a while, they recently added the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Double Pump to the options. This change happened about 2-3 months ago and is so new to them that our representative couldn’t even tell me what to expect in the box. Well, I was excited to have ours finally arrive today and I would love to share what was included!

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Insurance & Medela Pump in Style

What’s Included

The most important part is, of course, the pump itself and the wall adapter. The pump is encased in a little black case which has a velcro closure to protect it and a simple handle. This is new for me as my old pump was built into a full carrying case.

Medela Pump in Style

Medela Pump in Sytel

Along with the pump, we also received an instruction booklet, a double pumping set (the tubes, connectors, valves, and valve membranes), two 24mm breast shields, two 5oz/150ml bottles with lids, a bottle nipple with a protective cap, and eight disposable bra pads.

Medela Pump in Style

Medela Pump in Style

Useful Tips

One of the first additions I will be making will be two 27mm breast shields. If you’ve never breast fed or pumped, I would suggest having a few shield sizes to choose from when your little one arrives. Having the wrong shield can often be setting yourself up for pumping failure and as your breasts change those first weeks you may have to switch shields. For more information about this and also a measuring guide you can visit the Medela informational page. Another thing to decide is how you will store your milk. With only two bottles you’ll quickly realize you need more storage. The amount of storage will depend on how you plan to use the milk and how long you will need to store it. You will also need to pick out a carrying bag to keep everything together and ice packs to keep any milk you pump on the go fresh until you get home.

I know this was a little basic but I simply wanted to let everyone know what to expect if they request this specific pump. I feel that it is a great starting point…especially considering it was free. Don’t forget, the actual set sent and the cost may vary by insurance!


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