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Spring is in the air and love is what I have found within my Influenster Sprout VoxBox. Inside this box, were five new products for our family to test out. The brands included were:

  • Curate
  • Eatsmart Snacks
  • ECOS
  • Hair Food
  • Orgain
  • and I was disappointed not to receive the Vichy sample!

Influenster Sprout VoxBox

Curate Chocolate BananaNo on in our family loved the Curate bar, not even the 1-year-old, but I do have high hopes now that I have researched their products. We received the Dark & Tempting bar and while the texture was decent,¬†the hints of orange completely turned us all off of it. We are definitely excited about trying the Salted Dark Chocolate & Almond bars next and also like the idea of their kids’ line of snack bars. Maybe we will be bringing you a review of those soon? Influenster, Curate, can we work something out here? ūüėČ

Eatsmart Snacks provided a bag of their Three Bean Garlic¬†Hummus Tortilla Chips for the Influenster Sprout VoxBox and the littles swooned over them. Served with some salsa as an after nap snack, I was lucky enough to get a few. They devoured the bag in one sitting and within minutes. We’ll chalk that up as¬† a win! I think The Mister and I will be picking up a few bags of the Spicy Black Bean Tortilla Chips for our next grilling night for sure!

Influenster ECOSThe sample we received from ECOS was only for one load and I do not necessarily feel like this is enough to test out a laundry soap. We received the Magnolia & Lilly and since we use a smaller machine (Splendide 2100XC) used it for two loads instead of one. There is no doubt that ECOS has the right frame of mind when it comes to their ingredients lists and none of us had skin reactions, but I cannot comfortably say how well the detergent cleaned. I may need to try out a full bottle to see how our clothes and towels come out over time and extended use. As the sample says the fabric softener is built in, I did not use any in the two loads that we washed and saw no difference in the softness of our clothes. That may be an added bonus to making the switch! (Other than needing a separate detergent for The Mister. Never was FR clothing with fabric softeners!)

Influenster Hair FoodHair Food included samples of their apricot moisturizing shampoo and conditioner which are both jammed full of nourishing ingredients. My hair has been dyed several times in the last couple of months which means moisture and good ingredients are important for me. These samples left my hair so moisturized it was almost oily. Adding product to it was simply not an option! If you have extremely dry hair, these would be fabulous for you. I definitely would not recommend it for anyone with normal hair though.

Influenster Orgain Healthy KidsThe final product in my Influenster Sprout VoxBox absolutely threw me for a loop! That was the Orgain Organic Protein Powder. Being a busy mom who needs regular healthy energy boosts, I love protein. It is sort of my thing…other than coffee, of course. The part that surprised me was the taste. Usually I have to choke down any type of vanilla powdered drinks or add them into smoothies. This one was actually really good! The kids and I all shared it one rough afternoon while waiting for The Mister to pull in after a long day of school, chores, play times, and meltdowns. I am really looking forward to trying Orgain’s lines of healthy kids shakes and Cold Brew Coffee + Protein. Coffee and protein in mocha flavors? How can you go wrong with that?!

*These products were received complementary from Influenster for testing purposes but all opinions are original and my own. This post may contain affiliate links.*

Influenster Sprout VoxBox

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