If you know me very well then you know I love free stuff. Who doesn’t?! I am currently a member of Influenster, a company who sends out complimentary products for testing purposes. You simply fill out “snaps” so they can see if you would fit a box they are putting together and then if you qualify, you have products on the way to test and review. It’s that simple!

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One of the newest releases from Influenster is the Nurture Vox Box and oh, how they totally hit the nail on the head with this one! Containing a variety of products meant to help make a parent’s life a bit easier, this trial set really made an impact on our lives. Included in my personal box was the following:

My favorites from the box would have to be the diaper rash cream, Dramamine, and sunscreen. We usually use coconut oil when Miss B has a reaction from eating acidic fruits but after giving Skinfix a shot we may be making a permanent switch. So far she’s had 4 diaper rashes since we received the diaper rash balm (no judgement, it’s strawberry season, y’all!) and it has taken care of it by her next diaper change. Her bum goes from red, welted, and angry to white and smooth in just an hour or two! It may be a new staple in this household. 

My second favorite, the Dramamine, came in pretty handy last week. We travel full time and I am known for being easy to get car sick. For someone who is also sensitive to medications (just two Tylenol can make me lightheaded and loopy), Dramamine, Benedryl, and others known for their narcotic side affects are usually a no-go with littles to care for. Even the “non-drowsy” usually send me snoozing uncontrollably for 2-6 hours. This time around, I got relief without feeling hungover. Oh, happy day! I can turn around to interact with my kids, not feel sick, and not be zombified all at the same time. That is a definite win in my mommy playbook.

The third item I fell in love with was the sunscreen. We used it a lot around the camper while down at the lake. I didn’t actually take it outside with us until earlier today but when I did, I realized the lid changes colors after UV exposure. How cool is that?! It has worked great so far and we’ve had no burning or even pink skin. With 3 littles to keep up with, the last thing this fair skinned mama needs is a sunburn. Yikes!

ATTITUDE’s hair detangler and Hada Labo Tokyo’s facial mask are also two pretty good products. Alexandra has been a lot more compromising on her hair care routine now that we have “magic spritz”. It has helped keep her hair less of a mess while also not making her thin blonde hair look greasy. Both big bonuses! I also enjoyed using the facial mask even though it wasn’t quite right for me. I have acne prone skin and it just didn’t work out well. I will be looking into their skincare line though!


The next product we tested was Red Vines. Honestly, I’ve never been a fan. They taste straight up like red food coloring to me and my husband. We would rather have Twizzlers any day. The kids loved them though and had a blast being stained red for an afternoon. Um, yeah. Those are probably a no go for us in the future. The Uncle Ben’s rice however was a hit with both kids and parents! Full of flavor, it was the perfect addition to our late lunch one day this week. We may try out more varieties in the future for those lazier nights.

The Ore-Ida fries were a hit as well. I didn’t honestly think it’d be so easy to get crispy fries from the microwave! They were super tasty but the portions will hold me back from buying them in the future. One box is barely enough for one of my toddlers so by the time we microwave a box (or two) for each person we’ve spent the same amount of time at almost three times the cost. If you just need a small snack for one person then it might be worth it but it’s just not for us. I would love the convenience if the packages were larger.

Wondering how you can get in on this awesomeness? Simply join Influenster and get started today!

*This post may contain affiliate links. All items were received complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are our own.*

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