“I Love You to God and Back”. So simple yet profound at the same instance. I have owned this book for an almost shamefully long time. Not that it has been an excessive amount of time (6 months almost to the day) but because I was always waiting for “later” instead of getting serious with myself and God. I purchased this book as a way to help me with becoming more dedicated to our bedtime prayers. “There’s just never enough time,” I have claimed to myself but if I must be honest, I’ve read at least 30 books since this one arrived at my door.

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"I Love You to God and Back"I am embarrassed by how rarely our family prays together. Meal times are often rushed and by the time I fix my plate the rest are done. Bedtimes are likewise hectic so everyone jumps into bed for hugs and kisses before it is almost immediately lights out. We did well with morning prayers for awhile but have fallen out of the habit. This is not exactly how I pictured my children’s spiritual journey going. No longer though will this be our normal. God comes first and we need to pray together so they understand that. I do pretty well to say small prayers all day long. These are not just wishes or requests but thankfulness and appreciation are bountiful within my prayers. I need to instill this same habit in my littles but without them seeing me, how could they know?

I am challenging myself to follow the lead of the mom in this story. Amanda Lamb started a prayer journal with her daughter and was amazed at how their prayers and talks shifted and grew. That is where I Love You to God and Back comes from. It is the journey they shared and it’s beginning has touched my heart deeply. My challenge to myself is to read this story of love between mother and child while keeping the same journal with my children. We may record them or I might just keep lists. That will be a personal decision that I make once I have the one on one time with them.

Today, right now, as we begin a new year and you are cementing your goals for yourself, consider adding just one more aspiration: purposeful and meaningful daily prayers with your own littles. I bet your heart will thank you.

Looking to take this journey even farther? Amanda Lamb has now released I Love You to God and Back: A Bedtime Prayer Book. Perfect for showing your little one how much you love them… with every bedtime prayer.

Bedtime Prayer Book

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