So when we started out, I promised some preschool ideas to a few people. I’ve slacked quite a bit on not only the blog but also on sharing what we do. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook then you’ve probably seen some of our recent outings and projects. If not, go follow us! You’re missing out! For now, I’ll share something I’ve often wondered: “Am I enough for this?”

Practicing Letter Recognition

The one thing I hear the most about homeschooling preschool or kindergarten is that parents feel they would be doing their children a disservice because they do not know what to teach or how to teach it. Confession: lesson plans can be intimidating and they do not work for everyone. I often question myself as a home educator…especially if trying to use a full lesson plan. We do better with improvisation. The beauty of homeschooling is that the subjects and presentation choices are 100% up to you and your child. Find what works for them and run with it! There are no cookie cutter solutions. Children and their ever expanding personalities are not meant to fit perfectly into a square little box. At this age, children are creative, imaginative, driven creatures who see the world and everything in it as wondrous. All we must do to educate is foster this inquisitiveness and provide opportunities for growth. That’s it. Plain and simple. Show them the way and watch them amaze you.

The Goals

At this age, the goals are not specifically set. This is something I had to overcome. We are not suppose to be focused on what they know but instead should be watching how they learn it. It is easy to start comparing yourself and your child with others. The fear of them not succeeding because of your inability creeps up every now and then. Trust me, if you’re worried you aren’t doing enough but feel as if you are trying then you’re probably doing just fine.

Practicing Shape MatchingStop worrying about what kids in public school know. Stop spending your play dates watching to see how your kid ranks amongst the others. I know…easier said than done. Sometimes it is hard to be honest with one another. Instead of trying to prove whose child is more advanced, we should all be sharing our ideas, celebrations, concerns, and failures. Instead of judging and comparing we should be cheering and openly consoling. Find someone who will do all of this with you and keep that friendship growing. Homeschooling is what you make it. There will be joyous days and also those when everyone is screaming or crying. The important thing to remember is even if they pretend they don’t, everyone has their moments of exasperation.

Never give up hope. You’ve got this!

Homeschooling: Am I Enough

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