Our family just finished up our first week at the North Texas Jellystone Park Camp & Resort so I wanted to share a glimpse of our shenanigans! We have another week here and in true mommy fashion there are pictures galore. If you would like to see more than what is here just head over to the The Vetetoe Family Facebook Page or follow our family on Instagram.

When we first arrived, the park security was highly welcoming. They not only gave us directions to our campsite and an explanation of how to best turn in between the trees lining the site but also escorted us over! We received a welcome packet that included our white camper wristbands, camp rules, and an activities sheet. Here is the sheet from this past weekend. They had so much going on!
Northwest Jellystone Park ScheduleWe knew immediately that we wouldn’t be able to visit every activity with three littles so we picked the ones that meant the most to us and went from there. Monday night we walked down to the playground and were excited to find out they were doing an unscheduled “Hey, Hey, Hey Ride”. The girls loved it and we had a chance to really see the park without walking all over (this place is huge!). After the hay ride we basically laid low all week. Between chores, school, and “toddler ‘tudes” the girls and I needed a break from adventuring for a few days. Friday night we relaxed by a campfire enjoying some s’mores and went to bed eager for the following day to arrive.
IMG_6599.JPGSaturdays at North Texas Jellystone Park start out bright and early with The Pledge of Allegiance out front at 9am. We joined Boo-Boo and were pleasantly surprised when they included “one nation under God” in their rendition. I am not looking for a political debate but I am proud of Jellystone Park for sticking to tradition!
IMG_6617.JPGBoo-Boo decided he needed a nap and we knew we needed some grub. After refueling we met back up for some fun crafting! I was astonished at how well coordinated their craft session was. I wish I had pictures of their setup but it was impressive. The leader called the role (it was by sign-up only) and the children filed in line as called. They then took turns selecting from 3 different crafts that had been laid out. Alexandra chose a peel and stick foam frame while Aryanna chose a more complicated owl craft. Boo-Boo walked around helping the children and taking pictures. He really is such a sweet bear! 😉
IMG_6628.JPGAfter craft time we had to head back home to show our camper some love. If you live in one then you know how important it is to stay on top of tank care, laundry, dishes, winterizing, and other not so fun tasks. Our next must do activity was the “Bear Roll” Train where Cindy Bear came by to see everyone.
IMG_6649.JPG The rest of our night was a blur of Air Zone fun, fire truck rides, some more s’mores, and a concert. By the end we were ready to drop and had three very happy kiddos crashing through the house. I am not sure how we managed to meet up with Yogi Bear on Sunday morning but we were there! I would recommend this park to anyone young or old. The campgrounds are clean and accommodating while the staff has been incredible!
IMG_6817.JPGVisiting North Texas Jellystone Park Camp & Resort


2301 S Burleson Blvd
Burleson TX, 76028

Contact Jellystone

Activities: (817) 386-8002
Reservations: (817) 426-5037
General Information: info@northtexasjellystone.com


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