camper booth

When we first bought our camper, we were in love with the idea of cuddley movie nights on our pullout couch and family suppers shared noisily (I was realistic) around a dining room table. As the weeks came to pass however, we realized just how awkward this setup truly was for us and I began wondering how to make things more comfortable. We still loved pulling the couch out into a bed but the booths had to go. Or did they?

Our dining area on move in day.

Originally, we took down the table, stored it under a bunk, and slid a playpen in between the booths. We rarely used the playpen but Madelyn sat in it often enough that the lack of use of the space didn’t bother me too much. Then, one day, it hit me. Why not just move the booths?! People take them out all the time, why couldn’t we just move one and make an “L”? That is how this came about.

Our Reading Nook

One of the questions we hear most often is from those who have storage inside of these since the end next to the wall is usually open. We still have that end open as it is against the other booth and clearly not visible. The second most frequent question is “how did you fix the back piece?” Well, to be honest, we didn’t. That is where the giant pillow we already had for our bed came in.

The gap is still there, you just don’t notice it with the big pillow that sits there. Plus, that pillow and a few extras make this spot perfect for cuddles, reading, or even working on a laptop/tablet. I really do love this corner! And our storage area? We still have that too.

In one booth we have all of our side valances with their screws saved in a Rubbermaid container as well as the pack and play napper. In the other, I store my big stock pot, a double dipper crockpot, our 4 regular crockpots (Yes, really, four in one camper. I rock at game days and Thanksgiving!) and then potatoes or onions if I buy them in bulk.

Moving the booth was fairly simple. My husband grabbed a drill, pulled up the 4-6 screws holding it down, slid it over, and then screwed it back down. If your both isn’t attached to the wall, you’re looking for a change without losing value, and you don’t want to spend money on new furniture, this is a great option! For resale, we would simply move the booth back over, reinstall the table leg anchors, and pop the table back up. This idea has really been a game changer in our household! Want to see more? Head on over and take a tour of our home!

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