The other day while researching spelling and reading programs I came across a summer reading adventure that we just had to join in on! Ziggy, the zigzag zebra from All About Learning Press’s pre-reading program, loves sharing stories with children and having fun while doing so. For this summer, he has sent a representative known as Flat Ziggy to share in everyone’s travels big or small! Take him to the local library for story time or to the zoo to see the lions. Gearing up for back to school? The program lasts until the last day of August so take him to show all of your new friends and share your adventures with him! The more things you do with Ziggy, the more photos you can take, and the more entries you can submit to win prizes. It’s seriously that easy!

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To learn more about Flat Ziggy’s Summer Reading Adventure you can visit their main blog post about him or to join in on the fun you can head over to the Flat Ziggy Club! We  will be spending the rest of this month enjoying our 100 Books in August but I am excited to add Flat Ziggy in as well. I am hopeful that this will become another yearly event and with your support and participation that could be very likely!

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