Heading into a new homeschool year is a big deal around our house. Heading into first grade though? Major. Being proactive can help make transitioning a little easier and the learning process more fun. That is exactly why we grabbed these amazing first grade math aides!

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Addition & Subtraction Wrap-Ups

First Grade Math Aides - Addition & Subtraction Wrap-UpsMake math fun! These addition & subtraction learning wrap-ups come with 10 keys and covers facts from 1+1 to 10+12 and 1-1 to 10-10 with everything in between. Wrap the string from the problem on the left to the answer on the right, moving top to bottom. Click the string in the notch at the bottom and simply turn it over to see if you got the answers it right. Students can master basic facts and build self-confidence using learning wrap-ups.

Perfect for ages 6-9

Coin March Money Recognition Game

First Grade Math Aides - Coin Match GameThe perfect file folder game for littles learning to recognize United States money! Coin March features two levels of play assist students in studying coin names and values. Game includes file folder game in color as well as black and white, game pieces and cards both in color as well as black and white, and directions for both levels of play.

Note that the file folders are not included.

Perfect for ages 5-7

Counting Coins Bulletin Board Set

First Grade Math Aides - Counting Coins Bulletin Board

This bulletin board set includes the following coins: penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half-dollar. Also includes coin name labels and numerical value labels for each coin, 4 equivalency equation titles, 2 piggy banks, a Money title card, and extra coins to decorate your display. As awesome as these sets are for teachers, homeschoolers can also use them to decorate a money center perfect for playing cashier!

Perfect for ages 5-8

Ready-to-Go Clocks and Cards

Ready-to-Go Clocks and Cards

This cut-up book has teaching suggestions and learning center games while also providing a plethora of resources right from the pages. Printed on a heavy duty cardstock, this book contains 48 Analog Clock Faces, 48 digital clock faces, 12 time-identification cards, 2 large demonstration clocks, and more. Practice telling time with 24 pages of interactive cut-out fun!

Perfect for ages 5-8

Telling Time Peel & Stick Wall Play Set

Time Telling Wall Play Set

We have all seen peel and stick play sets before but what makes these different is the quality! The telling time wall play set is durable, cleanable, and fully reusable. Our set has no trouble sticking to almost any surface our littles want to learn on. The table? Sure! Walls? Sure! Side of the recliner? Why not?!

Perfect for ages 4-8
Looking for more great first grade math aides to make the learning more fun? Head on over and read about our experience with Rock N Learn’s Early Math Collection! Featuring 4 DVDs focused on teaching first grade math, these videos had Princess finally counting money while Wild Child is officially reading digital clocks. Math magic!

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