Are you ready? You know what I’m talking about. The crowds. The food. The HOLIDAYS. They are all approaching quickly and time just keeps speeding up. Seriously, where has this year gone?! Our family has always struggled around the holiday season. As we have grown things have become a bit easier. My husband’s professional maturation has helped but our early budgeting still makes a noticeable difference. Even stretching that almighty dollar is sometimes not enough and I know most will agree. That is where these six apps come in. These aren’t all that I do to help my family but they are at the top of my list.

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IMG_7511.PNGMy absolute favorite site for savings is It’s so simple! After creating an account you just head to Ebates before shopping online. From there you follow a link to the online store of your choice and earn a percentage back for the purchases you make. It varies by store but there are over 1,600 options earning up to over 30% in cash back! Looking for coupon codes? They can help with that as well! With your first purchase, you’ll receive a $5 bonus. If you only check out one of these apps, make it

My second favorite way to earn a little extra is There are so many ways to profit from this site! For every email you open and confirm you receive 2 cents. That may not seem like a lot but over time it can add up, especially for just 2 clicks. The way I earn most of what I receive is through the coupons. By printing my coupons through them, I receive 10 cents for each one I use in store. There aren’t any additional steps compared to sites like Just print the coupons, use them in store, and earn once the merchandisers report them. Easy as that!

The next three apps are just ways that we spend a little less on things we need to purchase anyway. Cartwheel is a great way to combine store and manufacturer coupons. It is a Target app that offers store coupons on everyday merchandise. These can be used alongside manufacturer coupons using a barcode. The only downside is they limit how many you can have selected at a time. You can earn more spots by spending more in store though. For online purchases, Amazon is a daily go-to for me. I have Amazon Prime which means we get free 2-Day shipping on all eligible items. Since we move around a lot you can imagine how helpful this is. We can buy pantry items, school books, household goods, or baby supplies for a low price and know they will be there quickly. I love it! Gas Buddy is another traveling “must have”. We use it on a regular basis to make sure we spend as little on fuel as possible when out and about. Our long trips revolve around which truck stops have the best food (I’d rather not get the 5th wheel stuck) but once in a new town it helps us save big bucks on diesel. Just the other day we almost pulled into a station selling at $3.49 a gallon when 5 minutes away all the stations gad it for $3.14 a gallon. That makes a huge difference!

The last site is more for fun but it is great for trying new products. Influenster is a marketing site for companies. It consists of users who review items they have purchased or have tested. The more active a user is then the more likely they are to be chosen to test products. Influenster sends out “Vox Boxes” full of goodies to be tested and then reviewed at no cost to the tester. They appreciate genuine opinions and therefore negative feedback is just as welcomed as positive. I have fallen in love with the boxes I have received and look forward to receiving more. The brains behind that operation are geniuses! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

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