Deciding on an early literacy strategy for your homeschool can make or break your homeschool day. At every corner, your littles will be on track, bored, or frustrated. As the parent, you will either feel victorious or overwhelmed. Early literacy strategy has been the biggest homeschool challenge we have faced. Through trails, we have learned that finding the right system for each student is vital! Reading and spelling often go hand in hand but have you ever wondered if they really should be taught together or as two separate subjects? I didn’t at first but then I ventured into the world of All About Learning Press and fell head over heels for their freebies.

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Language arts programs can be divided into two types: all-in-one programs and single-subject programs.

How are these different though?

Early Literacy Strategy - All About Reading and Spelling

  • All-in-one programs combine reading and spelling in a single lesson. The lesson often includes handwriting, grammar, and composition as well. When the student learns to read a word, he learns to spell and write the word in the same lesson.
  • Single-subject programs, however, teach reading and spelling in separate lessons. All About Reading and All About Spelling fall into this category.

Read more about why All About Learning Press teaches reading and spelling separately and how to choose the system perfect for your student!

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