Corvette Cafe

The Corvette Café, nestled perfectly next door to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, was a welcome treat after spending an afternoon exploring the gorgeous collection housed within the museum. Decorated in 1950s décor, including vinyl records on the walls, the throwback diner was cute, quaint, and perfectly simple.

Our family walked into the diner with rather low expectations, hoping to find a few old-fashioned greasy burgers and some crispy French fries. After reading other reviews online, we’re certain this mentality saved our opinion from being a negative one. We all enjoyed the stacked burgers and uniquely cut fries which were both crisp and fluffy before topping off the classic meal with some amazing handspun milkshakes. Honestly, if you are in the mood for a humble little diner then this place definitely hits the spot!

Corvette Cafe Milkshake

One regret we had with our visit was that we had no idea there were souvenir cups we could have gotten our milkshakes in. Especially since we happened to visit on our second child’s birthday. It would have bee a very neat treasure for her. Be sure to ask about them when you place your order!

Corvette Cafe BurgerPlan a Trip to Corvette Café:

350 Corvette Dr
Bowling Green, KY
(270) 781-7973

Monday through Saturday – 8:30am to 3:30pm
Sunday – 10:30am to 3:30pm

Looking for more information? Head on over to Corvette Café’s Facebook page where you can see more reviews and easily contact them. Sometimes they even update the page with daily specials those in the area wouldn’t want to miss!

Click here to see Corvette Café’s menu


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