Let’s think back about your last week, month, or even year. How many times did you look at a child who should be priority in your life and say “hang on”, “wait while I finish…”, or “maybe we can later”. Now, replace all of those moments with “you aren’t as important as (insert your task at the time here)”. Changes the perspective a bit, doesn’t it?

You aren't as important

How many opportunities have you had to call, FaceTime, or visit a child you love and chose not to make the effort? Something else was simply more significant? They notice, I promise. My 5 year-old has asked questions about similar for over 2 years now. It’s part of why we’re on the road.

Children don’t understand “I’m busy” or “I have too many other obligations” but then again, shouldn’t those littles staring up with big beautiful eyes be your main focus? Those emails can probably wait and those extra hours at work so you can afford fancier things? Well, you can’t take them with you when you die and are things really what you want to be remembered by?

I know my answer on that one. I would rather my children and grandchildren remember me by how often I was there for them. I want to have made so many memories that they can’t decide on a favorite. I never want them to question why we aren’t there for them or why they aren’t good enough. They are our world. Losing focus or being distracted by tasks, goals, or other people is something I struggle with daily but I strive to become a better mom who is more focused on the littles while they are still young. Babies don’t keep and neither does childhood. These years aren’t a time for planning for the future and saying “maybe later”. It’s time for setting up our habits, developing relationships, and making early memories.

What will your loved ones remember tomorrow about today? That you were there? Or that something else was more important? Now is the time to decide.

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