We now have the girls’ bedding, our home is coming together, and I fall more in love with our camper every day. When I first started researching living in a 5th wheel (or toy hauler) with very young littles, I came across an ingenious idea to help keep them in their bunks at night: pool noodles. That’s right! Pool noodles. Simply throw one under the fitted sheet and you’ve got enough of a barrier to keep toddlers from rolling out in their sleep without fighting an actual bed rail on the bunk mats. The awesome part? It works!

We have experimented some and the bigger the noodle, the harder it is to keep the sheet tight around it. We definitely recommend using the regular size but also be wary the first few nights. Our oldest doesn’t flip around in bed much, she just rolls. This has been the perfect solution for her but trust your instincts if this seems inadequate for your child.



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