The Vetetoe Family

Living on the road full-time can be full of excitement and adventure. This lifestyle can also be heartbreaking though, as we struggle with not being able to share life’s greatest moments in person with loved ones. Expecting Baby Vetetoe number FOUR has been an incredible breath of fresh air, even with all of the symptoms I have been suffering through. This child was prayed for and loved years before they came into existence. We shared the joy here on the website at 15 weeks and now, we’re back with a gender reveal!

Tannerite Prep

Gender Reveal Tannerite Prep

Gender Reveal Prep

The power of homeschoolers pulled through for us when we really needed it. We found a property owner willing to let us shoot some tannerite on their land and the Gender Reveal Shop was amazing enough to ship us a gender reveal kit at no cost. With Muncie Fine Portraits by our sides, we were ready for an epic evening of fun celebrating Baby Vetetoe!

Gender Reveal Rifle

Gender Reveal Scope

Family Getting Ready

Gender Reveal Sighting In

Enough about all of that though…we know what you’re REALLY here for! Without further rambling, Baby Vetetoe number FOUR is officially…


It's A Boy!

Family Celebrating Tito

Baby Vetetoe Big Sisters

Touching Mama's Belly

Madelyn Brielle

Gender Reveal The Sisters

The Parents

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