This last week has been such a whirlwind of adventures for our family that it is almost hard to know where to start. I think I will start simple by saying: “Thank you, Lord, for the many blessings we receive and for the tribulations which allow us to fully appreciate them!”

Friday we had the ultrasound revealing Madelyn’s heart conditions and were absolutely overwhelmed by support. I would like to thank each of you who shared a story, prayer, well wish, or other form of love. It meant a lot to remember the community we have backing us and to know our support team stands so strong!

We kicked off our Easter celebration with a helicopter egg drop at one of the local parks. Did I mention Daddy made it home just in time?! Yaya!! The girls had a blast playing with friends and we enjoyed some fresh air while watching the kids run for eggs. It truly is one of my favorite traditions even if they did not retrieve many this year. Seeing Aryanna’s face light up as the Easter Bunny drops the eggs is priceless!

Easter Vacation
A Saturday night date night later, we were refreshed, excited, and ready to tackle Easter! Of course the girls awoke to a few goodies including new books, drawing supplies, and gardening sets. The sunflower pots seem to be a tradition with the Bunny who frequents our neighborhood and this mama loves it!!

Easter Vacation
We rounded out the day with a backyard egg hunt, a family lunch, and some quality down time. Simple holiday celebrations have to be my favorite. Who needs all the crazy obligations for a good time??

Easter Vacation
Monday was a real test of nerves though. After six hours at a dealership with two littles we were about to lose our minds. In the end, it was well worth it and we are now one giant step closer to being a full time “Line Tramp” family!! While we are still making some of the big decisions we did go ahead and purchase a brand new 2014 RAM 3500 Mega Cab this week. My husband is as ecstatic as I am relieved. It feels so nice to be paying towards something that we need and are keeping instead of something we will end up having to sell that is losing value. Plus our monthly bills barely changed! Now, with me everyone, *breath in* aaaaand *breath out*. ? Yup. One happy LineWife!

Three car seats in one truck? Oh, yesss.

Carseats RAM 3500

Carseats RAM 3500
The rest of our weekdays were full of tramping preparation, bank changes, insurance updates, and other boring stuff. Yuck! Thursday and Friday were a little better as we worked in some extra family visits even though I spent both days sick. ? Friday afternoon though, Aryanna and I put the gardening supplies to use…oh, so fun! We painted little marker signs distinguishing the two pots and planted the sunflower seeds. I mostly watched but she had a blast! Daddy even got in on some of the messier parts. ?


Now for the part of his vacations I hate…packing bags and kissing him goodbye. ? This week my Lineman is off for some “bare hand” training which is exciting but I still hate to see him go. The next time he’s home he’ll be certified and I know he is pretty darn excited! Please keep his crew in your thoughts as they tackle these courses. Learning how to work on hot lines is never a little thing but working without hot sticks is even more serious. We were so blessed to steal him away for a week and now he gets to go have some fun. ? Love to my LineLadies and cheers to a good week!

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