4th of July Parade

Visiting the state of Florida is like visiting home for us. It is one of the places we feel like we truly belong. Spending the 4th of July in Sunrise, FL was not only incredible, it was heartwarming and soulful.

4th of July in Sunrise, FL

We started off our celebration by attending the “Salute to Sports” Parade & Family Fun Day hosted by the City of Sunrise. There were sports-themed floats, motorcycle groups, fire trucks, police, and city officials tossing candy and toys while the crowds waved them on by. After the parade, there was a city celebration with free refreshments and a giant kids’ fun zone.

Sunrise, FL Fire Truck Sunrise, FL Incident Command Center

We met a few great people and really got to see some of the differences between the ethnic groups and how they interact in that area. The social learning experiences alone were worth the trip!

4th of July in Sunrise, FL

Concert & Fireworks at 4th of July in Sunrise, FL

The afternoon and evening were even more eventful. Our original plans had been to head to the beach for a day of fun in the sun followed by fireworks over the ocean. How cool was it to learn about a free city concert instead?! Once we learned Baha Men were the opening act, the game was on. We knew we couldn’t miss the opportunity to see them live! If you haven’t heard their new music, at least listen to “Ride With Me”. You won’t regret it!

4th of July Concert

Following Baha Men was The Romantics…which I was far more excited about than The Mister. We tried a variety of new foods, rocked out to “What I Like About You”, and truly enjoyed some quality family time just relaxing and playing. The whole evening was topped off with an incredible fireworks show. There was no way the videos or photos could do it justice. Fireworks and palm trees, does it get any better than that?

City of Sunrise Fireworks

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