Baby Madelyn 34 Weeks

Today, my sweet sweet friend met me for lunch for a surprise mini baby celebration. It didn’t go exactly as she planned but we all had SO much fun!

Fast forward to looking over our “need” lists this afternoon, opening up all of the sample formula boxes tonight, and planning out a few orders of baby items…it’s starting to really hit…FINALLY.

Baby Formula Samples
We are about 6 weeks away from being a family of FIVE! YAYA!! How is this possibly real?!? We honestly are extremely excited for Miss Madelyn’s arrival and if you’re a PLW then you know I’ve been wondering when that *panic* of wanting everything done would hit this time…or if it even would. Well, the time has come and the hormones are raging! I want to cry, laugh, plan, sleep, clean, and relax all at once. This part of pregnancy is definitely the hardest for me. I want everything done and her in my arms…like, now. Although I’m rational and know we must wait. It’s hard!

Baby Madelyn 34 Weeks!
34 Weeks!


So, let’s here it 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or more times mommies. How do you handle the sudden rush of “I just want my baby!”?

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