It is that time of year again! The holidays are in full swing and Christmas is just around the corner. Have you thought about where you will be spending your hard earned dollar this season? There are thousands of small businesses out there working hard to build their own futures while relying on their community for support. (Including yours truly!) So, why not make an investment in you fellow neighbor? To help you out, I have put together a list of some small businesses run by some amazing people who were kind enough to let me feature them here today. Read up about them and while making out your shopping lists, try thinking of those around you who may be building their own small business!

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Gilder Bags

Hello! My bags are made from the left over pieces from the stamping process involved in making couches, car interiors and, ironically enough, high end handbags. The prices by size are $10 for the snap coin purses, $17 for the small, $27 for the medium, and $37 for the large. I came to this idea because I frequently lust after handbags but cannot justify creating new demand for leather because of the cruelty involved in the industry. Each bag is truly one of a kind as I work to best utilize the leather available! To learn more about our products, you can visit our Facebook page, or you can email me at

Jessica’s Jamberry

So, what is Jamberry? They are high quality, vinyl, heat activated nail wraps that you can apply on naked nails, gel nails, or acrylic. The best part is, they last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 on toes! There are no harsh chemicals and they are not polish, so there is no chipping or dry time. Jamberry has over 300 adorable design options to choose from. One sheet of nail wraps will give you up to 2 manis, 2 pedis, and you will have a few left over for accents! We even have a juniors line! The best bang for your buck is the buy three get one free that is always available!

We currently have 3 gift sets available that would make excellent Christmas presents! There are 2 adults at $45 each and 1 junior at $30!

  1. Winter Wishes- Comes with 2 sheets of wraps; Starry Night (Satin Finish) and Winter Lace (Clear Finish). “Ruby” lacquer is also included which layers great with Winter Lace! To top it off, they are also adding a Nourish lotion that is Cranberry scented! All of this for $45!
  2. All Is Bright- Comes with 2 sheets of wraps; Gold Rush (Satin Finish) and Love Note (Clear Finish). A bottle of “Foil” lacquer is added which also layers amazingly with Love Note! Nourish lotion, scented like pears makes another excellent addition! All of this also for only $45!
  3. Snow Angels (Juniors)- Comes with 1 sheet of wraps named Meltdown and a bottle of Iced Kissed lacquer! This set that would make any little girl happy is only $30!

Contact Jessica at or shop directly at

Kaleidoscope of Colors

Amanda Cunningham is the owner and creator for Kaleidoscope of Colors, a retro girl living in modern Southern California with her lineman husband, son, and two dogs. Specializing in handmade dog clothes and retro aprons, there is always something adorable and crafty going on over on her social medias! You can see what is currently for sale on Etsy, learn more about Amanda on her blog, or find her on Twitter and Instagram as @kofcolors!

Coupon code for Etsy shop: powerline

Old Rugged Crafts

This is an adorable shop located in Jonesboro, AR. Kelly has become a master at repurposing old furniture and creating new, rustic décor! To see more of her work or to request a custom piece, please visit her Facebook or Instagram pages.

Pam’s Custom Creations

Specializing in handmade crotched and knitted items, we can offer a plethora of colors and custom designs to fit your needs! We are located in Springdale, AR but can provide free shipping for most items. You can visit our Facebook page to see our previous creations or to send us your requests.

PowerLine Pride

Hello! My name is Erin Pontious and I am a mother of 2 and the wife of a lineman. I put two of my favorite things together (my love for my lineman and my passion for crafting) and came up with PowerLine Pride! I thoroughly enjoy making items for other line families. I’m proud to have my creations become a part of their family and home. I can make items from insulators or design custom items such as family signs, name signs, or coasters. If you have an idea, I would love to try making it! Please visit my Facebook page to see some of what I have previously made or to send me your original ideas.

I will be offering 10% off for any Small Business Saturday (SBS) orders. Just mention SBS or this post!

Rodan + Fields

Hey there! I wanted to let you all know that I LOVE this company! There is so much to it and it is growing like nothing before. We just became the #1 for acne skin care and have moved into Canada and Australia. I’ve got freedom with my family and money I wouldn’t have had if I never joined. You can go at your own pace and build your own business to your specific needs! We’ve also been featured on the Today Show and in many magazines which is impressive because R+F does NOT have an advertising budget. They don’t pay one penny. It’s all word of mouth by how good these products work!

If you sign up as a PC (Preferred Customer) you get 10% off plus free shipping and for Small Business Saturday, I will offer an additional 15%! To learn more about why I am so passionate about this company, visit my website.


My family is blessed in so many ways to have found Shaklee! With a 60 year history, and 7 years going strong in our household, Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. Our story starts back in 2008 when we were just looking for greener cleaners to use in our home and natural remedies to cold and flu season, but we found so much more! We found was a company that operates in line with the way we want to live our life- in tune with nature and genuinely concerned with the health and wellness of humanity. Three healthy “Shaklee babies” later and over 55 pounds lighter, we enjoy running a business of helping friends and family get well, detoxify their homes, improve digestion, get over eczema, manage allergies, drop dress sizes and just feel good! And who doesn’t want their loved ones to feel good in this life? We are wealthier in health and experiences because of Shaklee and welcome anyone to learn more! You can visit our personal Shaklee page or email us at

Stacy’s Scentsy

We are a husband/wife team that sells Scentsy! My husband David is a full time lineman for the local electric company and I stay home taking care of the daily chores which include housework, errands, doctor appointments for our disabled son, and sports duties for the girls. Scentsy is an amazing safe and beautiful way to make your home, office, or vehicle smell inviting. There are many different styles of warmers and even more scents to choose from. You can shop online at or you can message me personally to help you decide!

Sunny and J’s (located in Rogers, AR)

If you are looking for something new and exciting for your next birthday party or event I just might have what you need! We make organic cotton candy art! This isn’t your typical pink and blue carnival candy so let me come perform for you and your friends! We currently offer 8 flavors but we are experimenting with some new ones. Made with organic sugar, natural flavors, and natural colors. We also make a variety of different crafts so watch for what’s new!

Visit them on Facebook or Instagram for more photos or contact for more information!

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