It’s World Space Week!

World Space Week runs from October 4-10 and is the worldwide celebration of Sputnik 1, the first human-made satellite ever successfully launched into space! Space agencies, schools, museums, astronomy clubs and planetariums around the world will be hosting their own space-themed events so be sure to get in on some of the fun!

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Alien Explorers

world space week map

You’ll need a spinning globe for this activity, but you could also use a map of the world, too. Get your child to close his or her eyes. Spin the globe or use a map, and ask your child to point to a place at random. Once eyes are open, your child will discover the new landing spot. Ask your child to imagine what aliens may say if they landed in that location. For example, if they landed in the desert they might be hot, and if they landed in the Arctic they might be shivering.

Looking for more space week creativity? Blast off to World Space Week with Little Passports and these stellar activities you can do from home!

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