Quaker Breakfast Flats Quaker breakfast flats are a great new portable snack from a brand you can trust and just in time for our busy spring season! Made from whole grains, real fruit, nuts, and seeds, these tasty are the perfect morning snack for moms on the go. We recently tried out the cranberry almond complimentary from Influenster and while I am not a cranberry fan, I thought they were really good. The flavor was mild while the crunch was deep without being rock hard.

I loved the texture enough to go out and buy a second flavor last night just for this review! The ones we picked out ourselves were the banana honey nut. This time the flavor was slightly stronger but something I could really enjoy. If you love banana nut bread, then these are for you. They were simply wonderful! Currently, Quaker only has three varieties to choose from with the third flavor being golden raisin cinnamon but I would love to see them available in a peanut butter or chocolate option. Overall, they were a definite win for this household and just became a new family staple!
Quaker Breakfast Flats

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