Baby Madelyn Update: Heart Check

GOD IS GOOD. Thank you for all of your well wishes and prayers these last few months as we watched our littlest little grow and develop. We welcomed her into this beautiful world a little over 2 months ago and have been waiting for this appointment to make some big changes in our lives. God heard our desperate prayers to bring our family together. He listened as we pleaded for a path. He answered me with enforced calm and renewed patience.

Baby Madelyn Update: Heart CheckToday we were elated to find that Miss Madelyn’s heart is fully healed. There is no longer a back flow in her lower right chamber valve. There is no longer a hole between the two bottom chambers of her heart. There is no longer even the hint of the murmur we could still hear less than 2 weeks ago. Her first official ACH cardio appointment will also be her last!

Our family has some amazing things in the works and I look forward to sharing them with you all soon. Each day will bring new pieces to our puzzle and as we work to fit them together we will always remember: He has a path. He has a plan. Today and everyday, we are grateful.

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