Dobbs Park Restored Prairie

Dobbs Memorial Park (Terre Haute, IN)

Nestled on the eastern outskirts of Terre Haute, Indiana is Dobbs Memorial Park. We stopped by one afternoon for a bit of learning and some...
Dobbs Park Native American Museum

Native American Museum at Dobbs Park

Visiting the Native American Museum at Dobbs Park without much research, we were pleasantly surprised by just how much information could be packed into...
Nature Center Fun

Nature Center at Dobbs Park

Opened in 1976, the Nature Center at Dobbs Memorial Park is quaint, charming, and packed with useful information for littles to explore. They have...
National Corvette Museum Front

National Corvette Museum

Parked perfectly near Interstate 65 and calling this dreamer's name is the National Corvette Museum, one of in Bowling Green, Kentucky's little treasures. This amazing...

10 Homeschooling Resources Under $30

Homeschooling resources and curriculum options are generally the first thing that parents ask about when they begin planning homeschool. The general consensus is that homeschooling has to be...
Corvette Cafe

Corvette Café

Zoo Atlanta Giraffe

Zoo Atlanta

Conner Prairie Dupont

Conner Prairie (Fishers, IN)

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