Gender Reveal Shop

Gender Reveal Shop Review

Seeing two pink or blue lines pop up on a pregnancy test is one of the most exciting moments for many when trying to...
Sneak Peek Logo

Baby Vetetoe Number 4: Sneak Peek Review!

A little over a month ago, we shared on Facebook and Instagram that we were testing out Sneak Peek, an at-home gender testing kit....
The Vetetoe Family

Baby Vetetoe Number 4: Gender Reveal!

Living on the road full-time can be full of excitement and adventure. This lifestyle can also be heartbreaking though, as we struggle with not...
Getting Ready

Here We Grow: Baby Vetetoe Number 4!

Surprise! Or maybe not so much? If you follow our family on any of our social media platforms then you probably already know: we're...
Simplified Reading Logs

Reading Logs for Individuals and Families

Until we had a budding reader in our family, I never realized how challenging it could be to find simple reading logs for individuals...
4th of July Parade

4th of July in Sunrise, FL

Visiting the state of Florida is like visiting home for us. It is one of the places we feel like we truly belong. Spending...

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