My Minimalist Hospital Bags

Baby Vetetoe Number 4: My Minimalist Hospital Bag

It seems like when we are expecting a new little bundle of joy the world begins shouting at us that we need all of...
33 Week Bumpdate

Baby Vetetoe Number 4: 33 Week Bumpdate!

Christmas has officially come and gone meaning we are now staring down New Years and 2018. Where the heck did 2017 go, though? Even...
Top 18 Gifts for Homeschool Families

Top 18 Gifts for Homeschool Families

Buying gifts for kids can be a hard situation and making sure they line up with a family's lifestyle these days is even more...
Ft Wayne Speedway

Fort Wayne Speedway

Fort Wayne Speedway, located directly next to Fort Wayne's Putt-Putt Fun Center featuring both mini golf and a full arcade, is an outdoor go-kart...
Putt-Putt Fort Wayne

Putt-Putt Fun Center (Fort Wayne, IN)

Tell me honestly, could anyone ever not love miniature golf? I can't even imagine! Our family's love for the game is part of why...
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Easily one of the best zoos that we have taken the littles to, Fort Wayne Children's Zoo will always hold a special place in...

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